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Busan Election Commission
KBS studios
Korea Broadcasting Corporation.
Went to Busan Metropolitan Election Commis...
Busan Climate Change Experience Center
Busan FIre Department
Busan Internaitonal Friendships Exhibition...
Visit to the Memorial Museum of Forced Mob...
Korea Broadcasting Corporation
Visiting Busan Election Commission
Our coffee history
The game committee
The Busan Internet Culture Center
Do you like art or take a pictures?
Busan Cinema Center under Eagle Wings
Busan Coffee Museum
I went to the ASEAN Cultural Center
Kobaco(Korea Broadcast Advertisement Corpo...
National Memorial Museum of Forced Mobiliz...
What is the garden exhibition?
Busan Bank Financial History Museum
Busan banking view of histrory
Busan Bank Financial History Museum
Visiting KBS Broadcasting station
After going to Jaseng Hospital of Korean M...
Busan National Academy of Music in Korea
The 16th BGV Junior Reporters Opening Cere...
The UN peace memorial hall
Interview with director Kim-woo-rim
BGV Junior News Vol.33
동해중B그룹 학교대표단 UN평화기념관 취재
동성초 학교대표단 국립일제강제동원역사관 취재
Haeundae Girls’ High School
Haegang High school